Back Office Services

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Back Office Services

IVS SOLTIONS an organization’s back office management can significantly impact its success. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis, from various transaction processes such as order fulfillment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back office solutions. We are the reputed leader in empowering numerous global businesses & organizations through high quality back office services that promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom-line. We have different types of back-office ​Services.

Services of Back Office

Customization Services

We deliver customization services that are in alignment with your strategic goals. The services can be scaled up as per changing requirements without affecting the TAT.

Regular Communication

Through consistent communication with us, you can be assured of Back Office BPO Services that are delivered with optimized transparency, flexibility and efficiency.

Skilled Manpower

At Ivs Solutions, Our highly skilled and trained professionals execute assigned tasks meticulously and undergo regular skill training to maintain the standard of their competencies.

Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll and accounting services help businesses of all sizes free up valuable time and resources. It was a myth that only established companies with a larger workforce can reap benefits by outsourcing their payroll activities.

Over the years, even smaller organizations and start-ups have realized the importance of outsourcing payroll and accounting activities. Organizations, through outsourcing, not only saved costs but have also been able to increase their income.


Data entry is quite a tedious yet one of the most important processes for any enterprise. It’s not wise to manage data entry in the house, though.

Data Enrichment trouble starts when data is derived from multiple sources as multiple and wrong entries can turn the table upside down. Data enrichment ensures accuracy and consistency so that you can count on the data and make right business decisions.

Directory Services

Directory services are required to store and organize vital directory information to render seamless access to all stakeholders. The information may include target industries, contact details of decision-making team and other vital data such as email address, contact number, designation in the organization, etc.

Live Chat Support

If you need any help of repair, Tech Helpline’s our experts are here to help! We offer you live chat support in Chandigarh. We work 24/7 for providing excellent support for chat services.

Our 24/7 Chat Services.

Email Support
Live Chat Support

Phone Support

We provide tech support services to address your issues on call. Call our Customer Service executive or submit your request online, our tech support staff will get in touch with you.

Document Imaging

Conversion of data from various sources such as forms, receipts, images and paper documents into electronic format is referred to as document imaging. It allows businesses to store a large amount of data in digital format.

IT Support Outsourcing

Post sales support or technical support is indispensable to any organization as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and hence customer retention. Customers would call into discuss their product’s warranty related issues or technical support for troubleshooting minor or major issues. It’s therefore of utmost importance for it to be dealt by a team of professional with sound technical expertise and customer service experience.

Translingual Data Entry

Translingual data entry is crucial and requires the expertise of multi-lingual data entry experts who can do data mining & migration and online as well as offline data entry jobs.